Galerie Gmurzynska – 55 Years Anniversary

The Russian Avant-Garde


“It is generally recognized that the collection of paintings; drawings, sculptures and constructions belonging to Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ludwig is one of the most important, most exciting representations and interpretations of modern art in our time. The collection reflects a patron's informed taste, a personal attitude towards artistic beauty, a distinctive set of esthetic criteria – and it is this private perception and supervision that makes the collection a totality and not a mere conglomerate of disparate artifacts.” – John E. Bowlt, unpublished manuscript, 1985.


Pictured: John E. Bowlt, Zoia Ender and Andréi B. Nakov during the symposium on the occasion of the exhibition “Organica – The non-objective world of nature in the Russian avant-garde”, Galerie Gmurzynska, Cologne, 1999.


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