The Ceramics of Wifredo Lam

This exhibition confronts the ceramic works of Wifredo Lam, who championed several of the day’s avant-garde movements (Cubism, CoBrA, Surrealism), with pieces from the Chinese collection of the museum. Curated by Nicolas Trembley, this project was produced as part of the Asia NOW 2022 exhibitions, with the support of SDO Wifredo Lam and Galerie Gmurzynska. A fully illustrated catalog accompanies the exhibition.


A remarkable interplay between objects of different nature that seek to highlight the connection between Wifredo Lam and the Chinese culture he inherited from his father, Lam Yam (c. 1820-1926), a Chinese scholar born in Canton.


With Lam’s ceramic creations, lesser known than his paintings, the exhibition aims to highlight this subtle and underlying facet of his aesthetics.